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Pool Repairs

We Specialize in Pool Repair & Maintenance

Whether your swimming pool or your pool equipment is showing signs of wear and tear,  needs to be resurfaced, is leaking or if you just don’t want to be responsible for managing the proper pool chemical levels, Alligator Pool Services is Miami’s best pool repairs and maintenance company. We offer quality services and a dedicated pool service team which believes pool repair services should be prompt, and thorough with the client educated along the way. For that reason, you need an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable pool repair company!

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Look no further for pool repair services near Miami. Alligator Pools is focused on getting your pool equipment operating at its optimal level. With over 35 years of experience servicing the Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and Coral Gables areas, Alligator Pools is Miami’s best pool company. We know that ensuring your pool remains operational year-round is essential to enjoying your home and even maintaining your property’s value!

Your swimming pool shouldn’t be a source of burden; pool ownership is meant to be a source of relaxation and enjoyment. Alligator Pools strives to remove the burden of pool ownership in South Florida! We offer pool maintenance services for all Miami pools and deal with various pool equipment issues involving salt chlorine generators, broken pool pumps and motors, pool filters, pool cartridge replacements, LED pool lighting, and pool heaters.

At Alligator Pools, we have all the proper pool equipment and pool industry expertise to manage your Miami pool maintenance needs. Common South Florida monthly pool maintenance cost includes:

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning
  • Regular Filter Replacements
  • Organic Debris Removal
  • Proper Pool Chemical Balancing

Beyond common maintenance practices, Alligator Pools is an expert at balancing your water’s pH levels to ensure a safe, and clean swimming experience. Jobs as little as emptying your skimmer baskets, cleaning pool tiles, can improve, and will maintain the proper swimming environment for your family and guests.

Weekly pool brushing is designed to prevent serious stains from organic matter (i.e., tree bark, leaves, etc.) from ever forming. Do not let stains ruin the overall appeal of your pool! Call Alligator Pool Services to have one of our experienced pool technicians visit and provide you with a FREE quote and detail our monthly pool maintenance cost.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Are you looking for a Miami swimming pool repair service and maintenance company? Alligator Pool Services is a local pool contractor based in South Miami. We offer reliable residential pool maintenance and repair packages for our South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables, Kendall, Cutler Bay, and Doral clients.

At Alligator Pools we offer a comprehensive range of swimming pool repair services. Common pool repair services include:

  • Pool Valve Repairs
  • Pool Pumps & Pool Motor Repairs
  • Pool Vac Repair
  • Pool Heater Repairs
  • Salt-chlorine Generator Repairs
  • Pool Light Repairs 

Alligator Pool Services is certified by the state of Florida to offer swimming pool repair and maintenance services as well as pool resurfacing, pool renovations and new pool equipment installation. Our technicians understand the building local codes and Miami’s building regulations. You can rest assured that Alligator Pools complies with all of Florida’s laws and prescribed safety standards.  We are also bonded and insured so you can rest assured!

All of your Miami pool maintenance needs are just a phone call away! If you’re looking for the best pool repairs company in Miami or in Pinecrest, look no further; our pool technicians will quickly attend to your pool repair and pool maintenance needs. Contact us today!