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For 35 years, the team at Alligator Pools have proudly served South Florida’s pools. Each member of our staff has 15+ years of experience, and our entire company is bilingual. We specialize in pool restorations of all kinds—resurfacing, retiling, and coping repair and renovation. We believe in integrity and transparency, which is why we require NO DEPOSIT for our pool restoration services.

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Pool Resurfacing (aka Pool Replastering)

Even the highest quality pools can deteriorate over time. Most pools have some form of sealant or plaster that protect the surfaces from wear. When this material begins to break down, it can be both unsightly—and potentially costly.

Resurfacing your pool is a fantastic way to give your pool a facelift, while protecting it for years to come. If you’re not ready to part with your pool just yet, resurfacing it can extend its lifespan, giving you many more years of enjoyment.

The benefits of resurfacing your pool can’t be understated. Firstly, it will help keep your pool clean. Bacteria has a tendency to grow in the cracks of damaged surfacing, which can multiply over time. Secondly, pool resurfacing is a great way to prevent problems BEFORE they occur. Pool repair, or pool installation can be costly — nipping a problem in the bud can help save you from both!


If the tiling in your pool is cracked, broken, or in need of replacement — Alligator Pools can help!

Cracked or broken pool tile can certainly make your pool less appealing, but it can also pose a safety hazard to your family and friends. If your tile is in need of repair, be sure to call the experts. We guarantee our work will keep your family happy and your backyard beautiful for many years. Retiling your pool can breathe new life into your backyard oasis, and instantly add value to your home.

There are 3 main areas where pool retiling is performed:

Trim tile is often laid along benches or other areas that are meant to be visible to swimmers and those on deck. This can prevent injuries from diving or bumping into these raise or protruding areas.

A waterline tile is exactly as it sounds—it’s tiling that runs along the waterline of your pool. This can prevent grime buildup and staining at the waterline. Even if your pool doesn’t currently have waterline tile, you may want to consider installing them. It’s an awesome way to customize and beautify your pool for a fraction of the cost of a renovation.

A spillway is an area where water can flow from a spa or hot tub into your pool. Spillway tiling is very common and gives an elegant appearance while being extremely practical.

Coping Repair or Replacement

Pool coping repair is one of the most pronounced pool restoration jobs you can do. It’s very apparent when a pool’s coping work is damaged or aged. Coping is what is used to cap the pool walls. Damaged coping not only looks bad, but can also be hazardous for anyone walking on the pool deck. Coping repair or restoration should always be handled by the professionals for a seamless appearance.

  1. In-Person Estimate
    • An experienced member of our resurfacing team will meet you at your pool to observe the condition of the pool and discuss your pool project goals
  2. Delivery of Proposal
    • A thoughtfully written proposal is delivered to you within 24-hours
  3. Acceptance of Proposal
    • Review proposal and select any add-on items you’d like
    • E-sign or print and return a signed copy of the proposal
  4. Coordinate Material Selection
    • Work with an Alligator team member to choose your surface material color and finalize tile selection (as applicable)
    • Alligator will manage the ordering process for the materials selected
  5. Scheduling
    • An Alligator Pools team member will reach out to you once your materials have been delivered and your job is ready to be scheduled

  1. Once we begin, the typical pool resurfacing project takes 3-5 days to complete
  2. Timing is dependent upon on the complexity of your project, weather, material availability and other common, construction-related factors

  1. Pool Prep:
    • A team member will arrive and drain your pool using our own equipment the day before physical work begins
    • Dependent upon on the condition of your pool, sandblasting may be required at this stage -- typically adds 1-2 days to your project’s timeline
  2. Day 1-2:
    • Bond Kote™ is applied to the pool’s surface
      • Bond Kote™is a specially formulated, two-part cementitious coating, designed to be used as a substrate to mechanically bond pool plaster over existing plaster finishes
    • Waterline tile is installed (if elected)
    • Pool finish material is delivered to the pool’s edge in bags, on a pallet
  3. Day 2-3:
    • Your pool is replastered!
    • After drying, your pool’s new surface is acid washed and refilling begins
  4. Day 3-5:
    • After filling, we will return to balance initial chemicals and restart your pool’s equipment
    • We will also provide you important instructions on how / how not to treat your pool’s new surface to ensure an optimal result is achieved

  1. Both finishes are considered ‘exposed aggregate finishes’ which combine a quartz aggregate with a polymer-modified cement
  2. The quartz aggregate makes the finish resistant to the harshest pool chemicals and also resist to permanent staining. These aggregate finishes are more resilient than the alternative, Marcite or Marbletite finishes and thus, with proper care, last longer!
  3. Since it they are ‘exposed’ aggregate finishes, the surface will feel like it has more “texture” to it. This is normal and many prefer it as it makes entry into one’s pool, slip resistant
    • Note, slight color variations are inherent and part of the beauty of these materials!
    • This variegated appearance, helps mask the slight imperfections that are readily apparent with traditional finishes
  4. A couple of months after resurfacing, you will notice a darkening of the color and many more colored crystals appearing, leaving a brilliant blue color to the water!
    • You may also notice some of the crystals in the backwash (especially in cartridge filters) over the first few weeks. That is normal. Excessive crystals after that point may indicate a PH factor that is too low in the pool, and may require chemical adjustment.
  5. For routine help, we highly recommend a professional pool maintenance company or at the minimum, a monthly testing of the pool water. Again, good chemical management is a must to properly maintaining your new finish!

  1. No! Unlike most pool contractors, we do not require a deposit to hold your reservation. You do not pay a single dollar until the job is complete!
  2. Note: We do require customers provide us a credit card at the start of their project. This card is not charged until your job is complete and we hear from you that it is your preferred method of payment!

  1. We accept almost every form of payment including credit card, cash, check, and Zelle!  

  1. Yes! We do a thorough cleaning of the work after every job!

  1. Yes! Not only does your pool’s new finish come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, but Alligator Pools will warranty its work for 5-years, against any “blistering, flaking, and/or peeling.” In our +35 years of operation, we have had a handful of re-plasterings!