Most Common Swimming Pool Repairs in Florida

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Keep Your Florida Pool Splash-Ready: Common Repairs Explained


Is your backyard pool giving you trouble? Don’t worry! At Alligator Pools in Miami, we’ve seen it all. Swimming pools are great for fun and exercise, but sometimes they need fixing. In this article, we’ll talk about the six most common pool repairs we do. Whether you have a pump problem or a leaky light, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn about these issues and how we can help keep your pool in top shape. Remember, taking care of small problems early can save you time and money later!

Is Your Pool Pump Acting Up? Common Issues and Fixes

Your pool pump is like the heart of your swimming pool. It keeps water moving and helps keep your pool clean. But sometimes, pumps can have problems. At Alligator Pools, we often see two main issues:

Motor Burnouts: This happens when the pump’s motor stops working. You might hear strange noises or notice the pump isn’t running at all. Sometimes, we can fix the motor, but other times, we need to replace it.

Cracked Plastic Parts: The pump has many plastic pieces that can crack over time. This can cause leaks or make the pump work poorly. We can often replace these parts to get your pump working like new again.

If you notice your pool water isn’t moving like it should, or if you hear odd noises from your pump, it’s time to call us. Quick action can save you money and keep your pool in great shape. Remember, a happy pump means a happy pool! In case you need a recommendation, we think Pentair Pool Pumps and Hayward Pool Pumps are the most reliable pool pumps on the market today.

Dirty Pool? Your Filter Might Need Attention

A clean pool is a happy pool, and your filter plays a big role in keeping things sparkling. Here in Florida, where we love our pools year-round, filters work extra hard. At Alligator Pools, we often see two main filter problems:

Worn-Out Filter Elements: Over time, the parts that catch dirt in your filter get old and stop working well. This can make your pool look cloudy. We can replace these elements to get your filter back in top shape.

Cracked or Broken Seals: Seals keep water where it should be in your filter. When they break, you might see leaks or notice your filter isn’t cleaning as well. We can swap out these seals to fix the problem.

If your pool water isn’t as clear as it used to be, or if you see water leaking around your filter, give us a call. Quick fixes can save you from bigger headaches later. Remember, a good filter means less work for you and more fun in your Florida pool!

Pool Perimeter Problems: Tiles and Coping

The edge of your pool isn’t just for looks – it’s important for safety and keeping your pool in good shape. In Florida, where we use our pools a lot, tiles and coping can sometimes need fixing. At Alligator Pools, we see these problems often, and here’s what you need to know:

Loose or Cracked Tiles:

  • Pool tiles can come loose or crack for a few reasons:
  • Age: Over time, the stuff holding tiles in place can wear out.
  • Temperature Changes: Florida’s heat can make tiles expand and contract, causing cracks.
  • Water Chemistry: If your pool water isn’t balanced right, it can damage tiles.
  • Rough Play: Sometimes, lots of splashing and playing can knock tiles loose.

Coping Problems:

Coping is the cap around the edge of your pool. It can have issues too:

  • Settling Ground: If the ground moves, it can make coping uneven or crack it.
  • Poor Installation: If it wasn’t put in right the first time, coping can come loose.
  • Wear and Tear: Just like tiles, coping can get damaged from lots of use.

Why Fix These Problems Quickly

  • Safety: Loose tiles or coping can have sharp edges that might hurt swimmers.
  • Water Loss: Damaged areas can let water leak out of your pool.
  • Bigger Issues: Small problems can turn into big ones if you don’t fix them soon.
  • Pool Health: Broken areas can trap dirt and make it hard to keep your pool clean.

If you see any cracked tiles, wobbly coping, or gaps at the edge of your pool, don’t wait to call us. At Alligator Pools, we can fix these issues fast and help you avoid bigger problems down the road. Let’s keep your Florida pool looking great and working perfectly all year round!

Your Florida Swimming Pool Too Cold!

Even in sunny Florida, sometimes we want our pools a little warmer. That’s where pool heaters come in handy. But heaters can have problems too. At Alligator Pools, we often see these issues:

Damage from Poor Water Chemistry:

  • Improper water chemistry can really hurt your pool heater. If the chemicals in your pool aren’t balanced right, it can cause damage over time. You might see rust forming on metal parts or scaling building up inside the heater. Sometimes, you’ll just notice that the heater isn’t working as well as it used to. When this happens, we clean out any buildup, replace parts that are too damaged, and help you get your water chemistry back on track. This helps your heater last longer and work better.

Heater Problems Due to Inactivity:

  • There are a few other common heater issues we see a lot. Broken thermostats can make your pool too hot or too cold because they’re not measuring the temperature right. Clogged filters can make your heater work too hard, which wears it out faster. If you have a gas heater, problems with the pilot light can keep it from starting up at all. We know how to fix all of these issues quickly and safely.

It’s really important to fix heater problems as soon as you notice them. A broken heater often uses more energy than it should, which means higher electric or gas bills for you. Small problems can also turn into big, expensive repairs if you wait too long to fix them. Most importantly, a working heater means you can enjoy your pool comfortably no matter what the weather is like outside.

Why Your Pool Might Be Losing Water: Skimmer Issues

Pool skimmers are like the mouth of your pool, taking in water to keep the surface clean. But as pools age, skimmers can cause problems. At Alligator Pools, we often find that skimmers are the sneaky culprits behind pool leaks. Let’s dive into why this happens and how we can fix it.

Material Degredation:

  • Over time, the materials around your skimmer can wear down. The Florida sun and changing temperatures can cause the area where the skimmer meets the pool to crack or come loose. You might not even notice it at first, but these tiny gaps can let water escape from your pool. If you’re constantly adding water or see wet spots around your pool, a leaky skimmer could be the reason.

Physical Damage:

  • Another common issue is damage to the skimmer itself. The plastic can become brittle and crack, especially if it gets hit by something hard. Sometimes, the weir (that’s the flap at the front of the skimmer) can break off or get stuck. When this happens, the skimmer won’t work properly, and it might let debris back into your pool.

Fixing skimmer problems is really important. Not only can leaks waste water and increase your water bill, but they can also damage the area around your pool. Water seeping into the ground can cause the deck to sink or crack. In serious cases, it might even affect your pool’s structure.

At Alligator Pools, we know how to tackle all kinds of skimmer issues. Sometimes we can fix the problem by resealing the skimmer. Other times, we might need to replace parts or even the whole skimmer unit. We always check the area carefully to make sure we solve the root of the problem, not just patch things up temporarily.

If you notice your pool losing water faster than usual, or if you see any cracks or gaps around your skimmer, don’t wait to get it checked out. Give us a call, and we’ll make sure your Florida pool stays full and your skimmer keeps doing its job. Remember, catching these problems early can save you from bigger headaches down the road!

Keep Your Florida Pool in Top Shape with Alligator Pools​

We’ve covered a lot of ground talking about common pool problems. From pump troubles to skimmer leaks, your pool can face many challenges. But don’t worry – that’s why Alligator Pools is here to help!

Remember, regular maintenance is key to avoiding big problems. Keep an eye out for signs of trouble like unusual noises, leaks, or changes in water quality. The sooner you spot an issue, the easier and cheaper it usually is to fix.

At Alligator Pools, we’re passionate about keeping Florida’s pools clean, safe, and fun. Whether you need a quick repair or a major overhaul, our team of experts is ready to dive in and help. We understand that your pool is more than just water – it’s where memories are made.

Don’t let pool problems keep you from enjoying your backyard oasis. If you notice any issues or just want a professional check-up, give us a call. We’ll make sure your pool is always ready for that perfect Florida day.

Remember, a well-maintained pool is a happy pool. And a happy pool means happy swimmers. Let’s work together to keep your pool splashing and sparkling all year round!