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We all know that what can start out as a small problem, can easily turn into a disaster if not properly addressed. If you notice your pool’s water level dropping day after day, you most certainly are in need of a pool inspection. Leaks, cracks, and other seemingly minor damage to the pool’s surface material can be tough to spot with the naked eye, even with goggles underwater! At Alligator Pools, we’ve been assisting homeowners in detecting pool leaks for over 35 years and can help you find a solution. We help our customers spot the issue and provide assistance to remedy the problem.

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A Leader in Pool Inspections

At the top of many homebuyers’ lists is the crystal blue, backyard swimming pool. A swimming pool, in the right location and the right condition, can be a serious asset for a property. However, when buying a property with a pool, it’s important to know the condition of that pool. A deteriorating pool can be a sandpit of expensive, time consuming issues. This makes a pool inspection almost as important as the home inspection for the new homebuyer!

Ask any pool industry professional and they will tell you that spotting a troubled pool is almost impossible to the untrained eye. Pools may look flawless and immaculate, especially at a distance, but unmanageable problems may be lurking below the surface. A pool inspection ensures that you, as the home buyer, are completely aware of the possible issues that could arise with that particular pool. The only way to make an informed decision for your family (and most likely your family’s largest investment), is to have one of our pool experts inspect your pool BEFORE you buy!

Here are just a few of the issues our pool professionals look out for:

Condition of the Pool Structure

Firstly, we will inspect the interior finish (sometimes referred to as plaster) for cracks and overall condition. We then inspect the pool’s tile, grout, and mortar for any visible cracks or damage. Lastly, we review your pool’s coping to ensure no loose tiles, or cracked edges exist.

Condition of the Equipment

If you were purchasing a car, you’d want to have a look under the hood—to ensure all mechanical components are working as they should be. The same should be done for a pool. Alligator Pools will inspect all pumps, motors, valves, heaters, salt systems, skimmers, and filters for safety and condition.

Pool Leak Detection & Correction

It’s the four words a pool owner never wants to hear: “you have a LEAK.” Leaks can be an annoying and COSTLY nuisance that can take the fun out of your pool. A leak may be easy to spot – bubbling, or a wet spot on the lawn might be a dead giveaway. Other times, you will need to call in the professionals to look for your pool leak.

Unfortunately, pool leaks only get worse over time. There are a few common places where leaks can occur, and several ways to detect them. However, without the proper equipment and training, pool leak detection can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Below are a few common signs of a pool leak:

  1. Extreme Water Level Changes
  2. Cracking or Flaking Tile
  3. Higher than Average Water Bills
  4. Air or Dirt being Pumped into the Pool
  5. Abnormal Algae Growth

Pool Leak Companies in Miami

Your search for pool inspectors near Miami ends here! We have been serving the South Miami neighborhood for more than 35 years. Our pool services include exceptional pool repair, pool maintenance, pool resurfacing and pool renovation services.  For pool service from Pinecrest to Coconut Grove and beyond, get in touch today for a free quote and please call us with any questions you may have.