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Alligator Pools has offered pool renovation and remodeling in Miami for over 35 years. Our utmost priority is making sure that every customer receives unparalleled customer experience. The meticulous craftsmanship of our technicians speaks for itself, as they stay on top of the latest pool renovation methods and technologies.

We take every detail into consideration, whether it’s a small pool renovation or a complete inground pool remodel. Our reliable and professional services are guaranteed to exceed your expectations! 

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Miami Pool Renovation Services

At Alligator Pools, we have the expertise and reliable services to transform your inground pool into a refreshing oasis. Upgrade your pool with our remodeling and renovation services such as, adding or modifying a sun shelf or swim out bench, pool entry modifications, and more. Trust our professional team to provide you with exceptional service. Need to add a pool skimmer or return lines? We’ve got you covered. Start turning your pool dreams into a reality today with Alligator Pools.

Sun Shelves & Swim Out Benches

Picture laying in your pool, a couple of inches of your body submerged, a beverage in hand, kids happily splashing around you. You’re lounging on your new sun shelf or swim out bench. Sun shelves and swim out benches are the most common remodeling additions done on pools today. They are elevated areas built right into the shallow or deep ends of your pool and are perfect for lounging. You can now relax in your pool without ever having to get out!

Sun shelves were only found in resort pools or ultra high-end pools until recently. While they are pretty awesome, sun shelves (or Baja shelves as they are sometimes called) are installed in the average family’s pool every day! Some people do not realize that sun shelves and swim out benches can be installed into most pools at an affordable price!

So if you’re looking to take your backyard up a few notches, consider calling Alligator Pools for a free quote on your brand-new sun shelf or swim out bench.

Pool Entry/Step Modifications

Is your pool entry too steep, or are your steps too skinny? Alligator Pools can help you! If you’ve got small children or older residents, modifications to your pool entry can be an intelligent decision so that everyone can enter the pool SAFELY! Pool entries are not only practical; they can also be a great way to add some lounging areas to your pool.

Often, pool owners will set up a couple of chaise lounges and an umbrella for ultimate beach bar vibes on their pool steps! Alligator Pool Services offer pool remodeling in Miami and can help you modify your pool steps today!

New Skimmer or Return Lines

The addition of a pool skimmer or replacing an old skimmer can dramatically increase the efficiency of your pool’s circulation. Unfortunately, pool skimmers sit inside a concrete pad, which is prone to cracking, leading to weak water circulation. If this is the case, you’ll want to consider replacing your pool skimmer ASAP! If your pool skimmer isn’t performing as it should, then call the best pool remodeling company in Miami, Alligator Pool Services!

Also, a single pool skimmer can only handle so much debris. One skimmer is often not enough to effectively skim a large pool’s surface or a pool in densely foliaged areas. That means that no matter how well your pool skimmer works, the trees around it may still be an issue. Adding a second skimmer can be an excellent way to keep your skimmer from filling up too quickly – keeping your pool clean! After all, no one likes scooping the leaves out of their pool (except us). So call the best at Pool Renovations in Miami, Alligator Pool Services for a free estimate!

Miami Pool Renovations FAQ's

Every pool is different but below are some general guidance as to costs and procedures. Call us today to schedule your custom estimate!

How much does it cost to remodel my pool?

  • Pool Entry Modifications: ~$2,000 – $5,000
  • Sun Shelves: ~$5,000
  • Swim Out Benches: ~$3,500
  • Floor Raise: starting at ~$8,000

What materials do you use?

Renovations such as the above largely consist of two components. First is creating a ‘frame’ so the desired modification has a general form or shape. This is typically done with the installation of rebar or other cases, various construction debris. Second is concrete which fills in the framed structure. The concrete is applied using a high-pressured hose so the concrete is often known as ‘shotcrete’.

How long does it take to renovate my pool?

Dependent upon the job but typically 1 day for rebar or foundation forming and 1 day for the spraying of new concrete (aka shotcrete)

About Alligator Pools

Being in the business for almost four decades, we at Alligator Pools have extensive knowledge revolving around the entire Miami pool renovations and pool remodeling process. Don’t delay, call us if you want to get the pool of your dreams! We take care of everything for you, from start to finish.

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