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If you’re a new pool owner, you should understand that pool repairs and pool equipment malfunctions are just part of the deal. On top of potential mechanical and structural issues are microorganisms which may pose single the greatest threat you’ll face with pool ownership. Your battle with the organic gremlins is also one that will never cease. That being said, a well-trained pool technician will go a long way in saving you time, money, and energy and frustration! Pool service companies in Miami can be sketchy (putting it nicely) and actually pose more of a risk to your pool and safety than doing it yourself.

Chemicals Levels

Pool chemicals are the most popular method by which pool owners keep their pools safe and clean. These chemicals not only clean but sanitize your pool and spa. However, if you use pool chemicals, you must use them correctly or search “pool cleaning Miami” to find Alligator Pools and we’ll do it for you! The most common mistake we see with pool owners is over doing it with with the chemicals. Too much of any one chemical can seriously damage your pool’s surface. One can reduce this risk by sticking to the levels recommended by Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

As technology advances, chemical-free or ‘minimal’ chemical solutions are becoming available. Pool technology is ever evolving and as a result, now is the right time to learn more about the different sanitization methods in the market.

Now that you are fully aware of the importance of a clean pool, we suggest you hire a Miami pool cleaning provider for yourself and save time! Not only would a Miami pool cleaning company be more efficient, but it would definitely be more effective. Who wants to deal with a dirty pool on the weekend anyway?


Let’s take a look at chlorine, the most common pool sanitizer. Chlorine is actually Sodium Hypochlorite and comes in a variety of forms including tablets, powders and liquid. For the pool cleaning companies in Miami, Sodium Hypochlorite has proven itself again and again. Despite this, the chemical is a bit of a double-edged sword. The smell is a concern for many swimmers or even those parties near the pool. It can easily irritate the eyes and skin. Nonetheless, chlorine is very good at keeping your pool clean! According to scientists, chlorine’s distinct smell is caused by its chloramine content. Chloramines are compounds that are created when chlorine combines with other organic matter like oils, skin cells and urine (yup!) in a pool. Chloramines are also the main culprit of the skin and eye irritation. Despite all of that, chlorine is a critical and essential part of proper pool maintenance.

Chlorine-Free Sanitization

Alternative sanitation technology has come a long way in recent years. While chlorine-free sanitization systems have been around for some time, they still feel new to the industry. More often than not, these systems are commonly used as auxiliary systems for commercial pools due to those pools’ high levels of microorganism exposure. Several popular pool product manufacturers have introduced systems into the market using various alternative technologies. These technologies include UV, advanced oxidation process (AOP), ozone or a combination of the three. Similar to the traditional pool chemical sanitation process, these systems have the ability to sanitize and disinfect against the most prevalent pool bacteria. 

Many people are considering an auxiliary sanitation system and don’t know much about which system is right for them. Find a pool service company in Miami that can walk you through the pros and cons of an alternative sanitation pool and spa system.

How to Find a Pool Service Company

No matter the kind of pool services you are looking for, whether it be weekly pool cleaning service, monthly service, or a one-time acid wash, it is essential you consider some of the below points before hiring a pool service company in Miami.

  • Make sure your company is registered with the State of Florida (check www.sunbiz.org)
      1. There is little you can do to track down the company should an issue arise. Registering with the state ensures proper legal requirements are being met which may provide you with more confidence.
  • Ask your Miami pool cleaning professional where they purchase their supplies, chemicals or look at the containers in their truck.
      1. Many operators use dangerous, home-made cleaning solutions or products not approved for use on humans because they are readily available and cheaper. This can be potentially very harmful to your eyes, hair, and body.
  • Review the company’s Google Business Profile or ask the for references. The best way to know a company’s trustworthiness is the hear it from real customers!

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