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Weekly Residential Pool Service


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$110 $99 / month
  • Monitor Pool Chemistry
  • Balance Chemicals
  • Clear Skimmer Basket(s)
  • Empty Pump Basket(s)
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Filter Cleaning (as needed)

Limited Service - Weekly

Save on your yearly residential pool service cost with our Limited Package! Limited pool service is a convenient, weekly plan that is great for those who like to do-it-themselves. With the Limited Service package, we remove the most complicated, and potentially damaging, aspect of pool ownership – managing and maintaining your pool’s chemistry. Don’t worry, you can start here and transition to a more suitable and convenient residential pool service plan at a later date!

Full Service - Weekly

Our Full Service package is our most popular weekly maintenance residential pool service package. Our customers love that it saves them TIME and the back-breaking EFFORT required to properly clean and maintain your pool. All of this is offered at one affordable rate limiting your swimming pool cleaning cost! With our ‘Full’ pool service package, you’ll receive a free initial inspection of your pool’s equipment along with any recommendations from our team. In addition, we’ll assign you one of our trusted pool technicians who will ensure your pool and/or spa is clean and the proper chemical levels are maintained. We promise, the SAME technician will be at your house weekly – no strangers entering your beloved property!