Miami Pool Service

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Weekly Pool Cleaning - Summer Sale!

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Save ~20% off our regular pool service prices!


Pool Service

$110 $99 / month
  • Monitor Pool Chemistry
  • Balance Chemicals
  • Clear Skimmer Basket(s)
  • Empty Pump Basket(s)
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Filter Cleaning (as needed)

LIMITED Pool Service - Weekly

Experience unparalleled ease and savings with our Limited Miami Pool Service package! This weekly plan is a boon for homeowners who prefer being involved with their pool’s maintenance while desiring professional oversight. Alligator Pools’ certified pool technicians expertly manage the most intricate, and often most damaging aspects of pool ownership, namely monitoring, adjusting, and maintaining water chemistry. For us, it’s not just another routine job, but a testament to our expertise and commitment, displaying unparalleled professionalism in every job we undertake. Moreover, enjoy the flexibility to upgrade to a comprehensive pool service plan as your needs evolve. We aim to deliver what suits you most at any point in time!


FULL Pool Service - Weekly

Enjoy the ease and reliable pool service you deserve with our top-tier weekly residential pool service package – the Alligator Pools Miami ‘Full Pool Service’ plan. No more exhausting labor and no more financial burden – we’ve got your pool and spa maintenance covered at one attractively affordable rate.

Our skilled team begins the journey with a complimentary initial inspection of your pool equipment, offering expert recommendations based on your unique needs and circumstances. Additionally, our dedicated certified pool technician ensures continuity of service and familiar faces each week.

Furthermore, with our comprehensive pool cleaning services, you can bid farewell to unexpected visitors at your cherished abode. Rest easy and let us keep your pool and spa pristinely clean and chemically balanced, all while you revel in the luxury of time and freedom. 

Please note that pricing may be adjusted based on your pool’s specific requirements discovered during the initial inspection. However, that doesn’t change the fact that our Full Service package is the perfect solution to all your pool cleaning needs – experience it for yourself today!

Finally, we service all pool equipment including such brands as Pentair, Hayward, Jandy, Waterway, as well many others!