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Alligator Pool Services is the Best Pool Service Company in Miami and changing the industry daily.  We know the success of this company relies on the hard work of its employees, especially our Pool Techs. Thus, we have created a compensation structure unlike ANY OTHER pool service company in Miami. Therefore, if you think like us, there is a spot for you. We believe in the following:

  • Customer Service is #1.
  • Hard Work is Rewarded.  
  • Financial Success is Shared. 
  • Seizing the Opportunity.

Searching for a career as a Pool Tech? Come join the company that’s changing the pool service in Miami! Alligator Pools was founded with the with the intention of providing quality pool service and superior customer service. Moreover, the success of Alligator Pools is designed to benefit ALL employees, not just management! Despite its old age, Alligator Pools is leading the digitization of the Pool Industry. The Company’s mission remains the same, but has incorporated technology to increase efficiency and lowering prices.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Training program?

Yes, there is! For those with no prior pool industry experience, training last around 4 weeks. During this time you will shadow one of our Sr. Pool Techs. For those with prior experience, training lasts around 2 weeks.

Will I be paid during Training?

Yes! You will be paid $300/week (or $60/day).

How much will I make after Training?

This is what sets Alligator Pools apart from every other pool service company… We believe that everyone should share in the upside of the Company; as we make more, you make more!


Compensation is based on a sliding scale and is dependent upon how many pools you clean (with 40 pools being the minimum). Want to clean 80 pools? Awesome, go for it! You’ll make ~2x someone who cleans 40 pools.


While we cannot disclose our salary scale here, contact us and we’ll happily share it! 


Oh yeah — we pay you weekly!

How much will I work?

If you like to start your day early and finish early, becoming a pool tech is right for you! Most of our techs get going around 7AM and finish by 1PM. This makes sense for two reasons: 1) our South Florida rain storms appear in the afternoon, and 2) the heat reaches its peak levels in the afternoon. Getting caught in a rainstorm will only extends your workday so it is best to finish before they arrive! Being done by 1 of 2PM allows you to enjoy a large portion of the day.


You can also choose to work 3, 4, or 5 days a week! You decide!

Do I need my own truck?

Nope! You will be supplied a truck and outfitted with all the equipment you need. 

Do I need to pay for gas? chlorine? other supplies?

Nope! We will pay for gas, insurance, equipment and all the chlorine costs – you just need to show up!

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