Alligator Pools Launches Residential Pool Service Acquisition Strategy in Florida

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Miami Pool Service Company Turns Acquiror


MIAMI, FLORIDA – Alligator Pool Services (“Alligator Pools”), a residential pool company in Miami, is expanding its award-winning pool service throughout Florida. Alligator Pools is growing its footprint both organically, as well as through the acquisition of existing pool service companies throughout South Florida.

In operation since 1985, Alligator Pools boasts over 3,000 clients and an extensive offering of pool services in Miami. The company specializes in residential pool cleaning service, pool repair service and swimming pool resurfacing throughout South Florida.

Residential Pool Maintenance in Miami

Focusing on residential pool maintenance and pool cleaning services, Alligator Pools has built a best-in-class team of dedicated pool technicians. According to Alligator Pools, hiring a professional pool technician for recurring pool cleaning is the most important factor in ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of one’s pool. In addition, Alligator Pools emphasizes the importance of performing regular pool maintenance on equipment and regular pool chemical testing. The tropical weather patterns in South Florida can wreak havoc on Miami pools.

Expanding to New Markets in Florida

Alligator Pools announces its expansion into key Floridian cities. This move targets untapped markets with high demand for quality pool services. Alligator Pools aims to bring its renowned service quality to these new areas. They promise unparalleled pool maintenance expertise to new customers.

Community Engagement and Support​

Alligator Pools commits to community involvement in every new location. Plans include sponsoring local events and engaging in community service. This approach builds strong, lasting relationships with local residents. It reflects Alligator Pools’ dedication to being a community partner.

Innovative Pool Service Technologies​

Alligator Pools introduces cutting-edge technology in pool maintenance. This includes advanced water testing kits and energy-efficient pool equipment. These innovations ensure eco-friendly and cost-effective pool management. Clients benefit from the latest in pool care advancements.

Training and Employment Opportunities​

With expansion comes new job opportunities. Alligator Pools focuses on hiring and training local talent. They provide extensive training in pool maintenance and customer service. This investment in staff development ensures consistent service quality across all locations.

Tailored Pool Solutions for Every Home​

Alligator Pools offers personalized pool maintenance plans. These are designed to meet individual homeowner needs and preferences. Services range from basic cleaning to comprehensive pool management packages. Custom plans guarantee optimal pool health and customer satisfaction.

A Culture of Customer Satisfaction​

At the core of Alligator Pools’ philosophy is a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. They continuously seek customer feedback to improve services. This customer-first approach has earned Alligator Pools a loyal client base and numerous accolades in the industry.

Looking to the Future​

Alligator Pools is excited about its future prospects in Florida. They remain dedicated to providing top-tier pool services and expanding their reach. The company looks forward to becoming the go-to pool service provider in Miami and soon, all of Florida.