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Pool Resurfacing

Breathe new life into your old pool! Replace aged plaster material with a new exposed aggregate pool finish, such as Diamond Brite! Enhances both the appearance and longevity of your pool.

All Tile Pools

Our all tile pool resurfacing service not only ensures the longest useful life for your pool but also offers complete customization for a truly show-stopping aesthetic. Transform your pool into the dazzling centerpiece of your backyard!

Skimmer Installs

Enhance your pool’s efficiency with a new skimmer, expertly integrated during the resurfacing process. A new skimmer improves water circulation and effectively removes debris, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable swimming experience!

Pool Lights

Energy-efficient LED Pool Lights! Customizable in a spectrum of colors, these lights enhances your pool’s nighttime appeal, setting the perfect mood for any occasion.

Waterline Tile

Replace your old waterline tile with fresh, modern glass tile! New pool tiles are not only decorative, they also protect against staining caused by the grime and chemicals floating on your water’s surface.

Pool Coping

Expertly installed by Alligator Pools, coping provides a defined border around your pool, enhancing both safety and aesthetic appeal. Travertine pavers are the most popular choice today!

Crack Repair

Cracks in your pool can lead to costly repairs and water loss. Our professional pool crack repair service not only fixes existing issues but also helps prevent future leaks and damage, ensuring long-lasting peace of mind.

Railings & Ladders

Railing and Ladders are essential for safe and easy pool access and their designs have come a long way in the past decade. Many offer sleek designs which can complement your pool’s overall aesthetic.

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Pinecrest's Premier Pool Resurfacing Service

Does your pool look outdated?  We can change that! Alligator Pool Resurfacing is Pinecrest’s go-to experts for pool renovations that stand the test of time. 

We specialize in durable resurfacing finishes like Diamond Brite, Florida Stucco, and all-tile pools that not only completely change you pool’s look, but also extend your pool’s life.

Tailored for the discerning residents of Pinecrest, FL we specialize in breathing new life into aging pools!


With Us, You're Never Alone!​

A Pool Contractor Like No Other​

Resurfacing your pool is no small task, and the stress starts when trying to find someone to execute your vision. We get it! That’s why we work closely with you to understand the vision and bring it to life. 

That’s why we’re rated the best pool resurfacing company in Pinecrest, Florida by NextDoor! We approach every project with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to exceeding your expectations.

Choose Alligator Pool Resurfacing means you have a partner on your side. Trust us with your Pinecrest pool – you won’t regret it!

Resurfacing Your Pinecrest Florida Pool​​

Is your pool an an eyesore? It’s time to change that! At Alligator Pool Resurfacing, we specialize in restoring the fun in your Pinecrest pool!

Appearance & Functionality Upgrades

Our premium resurfacing options, including colorful quartz aggregates (like DiamondBrite) and sleek tiles, will give your swimming pool a brand-new look that will be the envy of your neighbors. Not only will your pool look amazing, but it will also be easier to maintain, more energy-efficient, and safer for you and your loved ones.

Improved Safety and Accessibility for Your Pool

We understand that safety is a top priority when it comes to your family and pool. That’s why we offer solutions to make entering and exiting your pool worry-free. Alligator Pools can add tiles along step edges and drop-offs for clear visibility, ensuring that everyone can navigate the pool with confidence. We also install secure pool railings or ladders for stable entry and exit, giving you peace of mind knowing that your family and friends can safely enjoy your newly resurfaced pool.

Illuminate Your Pool with LED

With our LED pool lighting options, you can prevent accidental falls by illuminating your pool area and deter trespassers (not that The Village of Pinecrest has many) by having your yard lit up at night. These energy-efficient lights not only enhance the ambiance of your backyard oasis but also provide an added layer of security for your home.

Don’t let your pool be a source of frustration any longer. Trust Alligator Pool Resurfacing to transform your Pinecrest, Florida pool into a stunning retreat that you’ll never want to leave.

Click the button below to schedule your FREE pool resurfacing consultation and take the first step towards creating the backyard of your dreams.

Don't Ignore Your Pool's Warning Signs

It’s ugly and broken, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your pool! If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call in the professionals at Alligator Pool Resurfacing. As a trusted Pinecrest pool resurfacing company, we have the knowledge and expertise to restore your pool to its former glory. 

What to Look for When Your Pool Needs Resurfacing in Pinecrest

As a homeowner, you know that your pool can be a money-pit. But its’ also an investment! And like any investment, it requires regular maintenance and attention to keep it in top shape. Don’t let your pool deteriorate to the point of no return – be on the lookout for these telltale signs that your Pinecrest pool needs resurfacing.

Minor Cracks or Leaks

Not surprisingly, cracks and leaks may seem minor at first, but they can quickly escalate into big problems if left alone. Not only do they lead to water loss, but they can also compromise your pool’s structural integrity. Don’t wait until it’s too late – repair cracks and leaks as soon as you notice them to save yourself from costly repairs down the line.

Stains or Discoloration

Is your once-pristine pool in Pinecrest now ravaged by unsightly stains and discoloration? These blemishes are often caused by algae growth or mineral buildup, and they can make your pool look aged and uninviting. Don’t let your pool’s appearance suffer – address stains and discoloration head-on with professional replastering.

It Feels Like Sandpaper on Your Feet

Over time, your pool’s surfaces can become rough or sandpaper-like, making swimming uncomfortable and even dangerous. Don’t risk injury or let your pool’s surface detract from your swimming experience – restore rough surfaces to slick with expert pool resurfacing in Pinecrest. It’ll create a safe  and enjoyable swimming environment.

You Pool is Just Plain Ugly

Is your pool’s appearance stuck in the past? Did the pervious owner have horrible taste? An outdated or lackluster pool can greatly dull your backyard’s overall appeal. Update your pool’s look with premium finishes and options like new waterline tile, travertine coping, or LED lighting (color or white). The best time to add these features is during resurfacing, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your pool a stunning facelift.

The Alligator Pool Resurfacing Advantage

Attention Pinecrest pool owners: Are you ready to dive into a pool resurfacing experience that will leave you speechless? At Alligator Pool Resurfacing, we don’t just resurface pools – we create backyard masterpieces that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Unmatched Expertise: Over 40 Years of Upgradign Pinecrest Pools

Alligator Pool Resurfacing has been the go-to choice for Pinecrest homeowners for over four decades. Our team of skilled artisans has the knowledge and experience to handle any pool resurfacing project, from simple refreshes to complete overhauls. We’ve seen it all, and we know what it takes to create a pool that exceeds your expectations.

Elevating Your Pinecrest Pool to New Heights

When it comes to pool resurfacing, quality is non-negotiable. That’s why we use only the finest materials and cutting-edge techniques to create a finish that is as durable as it is beautiful. From sleek, modern designs to timeless, classic looks, our team has the expertise to bring your pool vision to life. Your Pinecrest neighbors will be green with envy when they see your newly resurfaced pool.

White-Glove Service: We Treat Your Pinecrest Pool Like Our Own​

At Alligator Pool Resurfacing, we understand that your pool is more than just a place to swim – it’s an extension of your home and a reflection of your personal style. That’s why we treat every Pinecrest pool resurfacing project with the same level of care and attention to detail that we would give to our own pools. From the moment you contact us to the final reveal of your newly resurfaced pool, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

A Resurfacing Experience Tailored to You

Your Pinecrest pool is unique, and your resurfacing solution should be too. That’s why we offer a range of customizable options to fit your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you’re looking to add some flair with vibrant tile work, create a serene oasis with a natural stone finish, or simply refresh your pool with a classic white finish, our team will work with you to create a personalized plan that brings your vision to life.

Transparent Business Practices​

Peace of mind is invaluable, especially when it comes to remodeling your pool. Alligator Pool Resurfacing is a fully licensed and insured Florida pool contractor in Kendall, adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct. With a $1 million general liability policy, we ensure that our clients are fully protected throughout the pool remodeling process. Our commitment to “by the book” operations reflects not just in compliance with laws and regulations, but also in the quality and safety of our craftsmanship.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter pool resurfacing experience. Choose Alligator Pool Resurfacing and discover the difference that unmatched expertise, superior craftsmanship, and white-glove customer service can make. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards transforming your Pinecrest pool into the backyard oasis of your dreams.