Spoiler Alert - Choose a Variable Speed Pool Pump!

Whether you are a new homeowner or looking to upgrade your pool equipment, selecting the proper pool pump is likely the most crucial decision you’ll ever make for maintaining clean pool water. With today’s technology, variable speed pool pumps are the way to go. Not only is your pool pump instrumental in ensuring your pool’s water remains sparkling, but it is also the primary driver of your pool’s operational expenses.

In this article, you will learn about the two main categories of pool pumps and the things you should be aware of prior to purchasing your next pool pump. Clearly, those two categories are Single and Variable speed pool pumps. So, single or variable speed pool pump, which one is right for you? Please do not hesitate to contact Alligator Pools for all your pool pump queries!

Department of Energy Pool Pump Regulations

When considering pool maintenance, the selection of an appropriate pool pump is essential, as it plays a vital role in keeping the pool water clean while being a significant contributor to operational expenses. The Department of Energy (DOE), recognizing the considerable energy consumption of pool pumps, implemented regulations in July 2021. These regulations mandated manufacturers to adhere to production standards aimed at creating more energy-efficient pool pumps, which will be instrumental in reducing energy costs and prolonging the lifespan of pool equipment.

Single Speed Pool Pumps - Out with the Old!

Single-speed pool pumps, with which many people are familiar, require manual adjustment of operational times, usually via an electrical timer. However, due to their manual operation, these pumps are not energy efficient, leading to higher costs and wear and tear on the equipment if operated for extended periods.

Are Variable Speed Pool Pumps Worth it?

Many people are INSTANTLY turned-off when they see the price of a variable speed pumps. However, homeowners should discuss the decision with their local pool professional, analyze the investment payback, and learn about their benefits before deciding.


Mathematically speaking, variable speed pool pumps are almost always worth it. According to EnergyStar, a variable speed pool pump can save you up to 90% on energy costs when compared to the single-speed pool pumps! Variable speed pumps consume significantly less energy and pay for themselves over time; typically, in two years or less!

The driver of this increased efficiency is of course – better technology! Variable speed pumps sense your water’s flow rate and automatically adjust the speed to maintain the optimal flow rate. By keeping the water constantly circulating, the pump needs to work less and thus consumes less energy. In addition, this consistent, smooth, water flow rate exerts less strain on your pool pump as well as your pool filter. As a result, this combination allows for a more consistently clean pool!

Conclusion: Choose a Variable Speed Pool Pump!

In conclusion, investing in a variable-speed pool pump is highly recommended for its advanced technology and proven energy efficiency. Consultation with a local pool professional is advised to address any queries and ensure a well-informed decision. Additionally, Miami residents can reach out to Alligator Pools, renowned for their experienced technicians and state-of-the-art technology, for expert advice and a free equipment estimate.

And speaking of professionals – call Miami’s pool pump experts, Alligator Pools! today for a free equipment estimate? With its team of experienced technicians and cutting-edge technology – they’re a transition decision for anyone looking to take their pool experience to the next level! Don’t let high upfront costs sway you from what could be an amazing investment – swim into savings by switching to variable speed pumps today!