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Alligator Pool Services has proudly offered expert pool remodeling in Miami for over 35 years. At Alligator Pools we pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our meticulous craftsmanship. Our technicians are students of the industry and are always studying the latest pool remodeling techniques and technologies available. 

So, whether you’re looking to do a complete pool remodel, or you’re just looking for an upgrade part of your pool, Alligator Pools is happy to help! Call us today to schedule your Free Estimate!

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Sun Shelves & Benches​

Picture laying in your pool, a couple inches of your body submerged, a beverage in hand, kids happily splashing around you. You’re lounging on your new sun shelf or pool bench. Sun Shelves are the most common remodeling additions done on pools today. They are elevated areas built right into the shallow area of your pool and are perfect for lounging. You can lay out and relax, while never having to get out of your pool.

Until recently, sun shelves were synonymous with resort-style pools, or extravagant pool design. While they are pretty awesome, sun shelves (or Baja shelves as they’re sometimes called) are installed in backyard family pools every day!

What some people may not realize is that sun shelves and benches can be installed into MOST POOLS. If you’re looking to take your backyard up a few notches, consider calling Alligator Pools for a free quote on your brand-new sun shelf.

Pool Entry Modifications

Is your pool entry too steep, or your steps too small? Alligator Pools can help you! Pool entries are not only practical, they can be a great way to add some lounging areas to your pool. If you’ve got small children, or are of an advanced age, modifications to your pool entry can be a great way for the whole family to SAFELY enter the pool. You may not need to spring for a whole new pool, the answer may be a simply pool entry modification!

A proper pool entry is an elevated or raised area in your pool that allows for easy access, and often serves the dual purpose of a lounging area. Often, pool owners will set up a couple of chaise lounges and an umbrella for ultimate beach bar vibes! Alligator Pool Services can do all of this! 

New Pool Skimmer

If your pool skimmer isn’t performing as it should then call Alligator Pools. A pool skimmer addition or replacement can dramatically increase the efficiency of the skimmer, and increase pool circulation. Your pool skimmer generally sits inside a concrete pad. This concrete pad can be prone to cracking—if this is the case, you’ll want to consider replacing the skimmer before the damage gets any worse.

One pool skimmer can only handle so much debris, and often a pool’s circulation isn’t enough to combat prevailing wind direction. That means that no matter how well your pool skimmer works, wind may be blowing debris in the other direction. Adding a second or even third skimmer (depending on the size of your pool) can be an excellent way to keep your skimmers from filling up to quickly—and to keep your pool clean. After all, no one likes scooping the leaves out of their pool (except us!).