Pool Cleaning Services

We are Pool Cleaning Professionals

While pool cleaning seems simple and straightforward, neglecting it or even worse, doing it improperly can wreak havoc on your pool’s surface, pool motor and other vital pool equipment. Whether it is weekly pool cleaning or a one-time Acid Wash, choosing a qualified pool technician is paramount to ensuring the proper functionality and safety of your pool!   

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Routine Pool Maintenance

Alligator Pool Services utilizes the latest technology and cleaning methods to keep your pool looking good and usable throughout the year! We carefully monitor and control the chemical composition of your pool’s water to ensure algae and bacteria growth is neutralized, as well as remove leaves, tree debris or other organic matter to prevent further contamination. Adjusting your pool’s chemistry is paramount to maintaining a clean and health swimming environment. Our techs will vacuum and scrub your pool, leaving it algae and bacteria free and squeaky clean. Such cleaning is essential in stretching the useful life of your pool’s surface as well! Our pool techs will clean your ENTIRE pool’s surface including the pool tiles, pool walls, and pool steps. We will also clean your spa or hot tub as required! Finally, your trusted pool tech will clear your skimmer and/or pump baskets to ensure your water circulation is uninterrupted — an essential (and often ignored) step in maintaining a healthy pool.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Your pool’s circulation is controlled by the pool pump. Pool pumps have filters which catch and extract organic debris, dirt and other large particles in your pool’s water. A clean, working filter is essential in maintaining clean, clear, debris-free water in your pool. Functioning pool filters are a critical component in keeping your pool clean as well as protecting other pool components such as your pool pump, pool heater or pool vacuum. Pool filters MUST be properly cleaned and replaced regularly. A dirty, clogged or incorrectly cleaned pool filter will negatively impact and decrease the performance of almost all of your other expensive pool components! Our pool techs will ensure this filter is cleaned and debris free on a weekly basis. Do not neglect this CRITICAL pool component!

Stain Removal & Acid Wash

An Acid Wash serves one main purpose – to remove large amounts of algae, dirt, calcium and other mineral build-up, chlorine marks and other stains from the bottom and/or sides of your pool. Such stains are not efficiently removed through physical contact (i.e., scrubbing or brushing) and thus require a chemical agent to remove them. You likely need an acid wash is if the bottom of your pool is not visible or the stains are clearly visible from your pool’s edge. Acid washes remove extremely thin layers of pool surfacing materials and remove most stains. The chemicals are then removed and your is refilled with water. Chemicals are then rebalanced, is safe to swim in again! In order to perform an Acid Wash, your pool will need to be drained to access the stains. Acid Washes should only be used when needed as they will wear and meaningfully deteriorate your pool’s surface with repetitive use, so choose your pool cleaning and Acid Wash technician carefully! 

Proper Pool Chemical Levels

Chemical Balancing or Rebalancing is most often required when your pool is refilled or after the water has not been treated with chemicals for a substantial period of time. Ensuring the proper chemical balance is critical to keeping your pool swimmable and bacteria free! Using an improper amount of pool chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite can cause irreparable damage to your pool’s surface, which may ultimately lead to a very costly pool leak.