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Breathe new life into your pool by replacing the aged surface with a new exposed aggregate pool finish. Enhances both the appearance and longevity of your pool. We even do all-tile pools!

Pool Coping

Expertly installed by Alligator Pools, coping provides a defined border around your pool, enhancing both safety and aesthetic appeal. Travertine pavers are the most popular choice today!

Sun Shelves

Shallow areas which create a luxurious lounging spot or a safe, shallow play area. Seamlessly integrate relaxation and fun into your Florida pool’s design.

Water Features

From tranquil waterfalls to invigorating jets, these additions transform your pool into a dynamic, multisensory experience, elevating the ambiance of your Florida backyard.


Replacing your old pool tile with fresh, modern glass tile! New tiles are not only decorative, they also protect against staining caused by the grime and chemicals floating on your water’s surface.

Swim Out Benches

A built-in underwater ledge or seating area typically located along the pool’s edge or in a corner of the deep end. They’re perfect for hanging out in the deep end without needing to tread water! 

LED Pool Lights

Energy-efficient and customizable in a spectrum of colors, this lighting solution by Alligator Pools enhances your pool’s nighttime appeal, setting the perfect mood for any occasion.

Pool Entry

Railing and Ladders are essential for safe and easy pool access and their designs have come a long way in the past decade. Many offer sleek designs which can complement your pool’s overall aesthetic.

Customer Testimonials

This company is outstanding. From beginning to end they were amazing. The costumer service was beyond wonderful. Everything ran like clockwork and the pool was done in 5 days. We had resurfacing and a shelf with stairs put in. We are soooooo happy!! Thank you Alligator Pools.
Excellent quality and service. Have been using Alligator Pools for over 20 years for maintenance, repairs and renovation. Always positive and professional results
Their project manager Aldo and assistant installed a pool heat pump after a first visit to estimate the job. Their office kept me informed thought-out, Aldo was prompt, efficient, worked fast, and very informative and pleasant. A totally first class experience. Note that their website offers no phone numbers, you have to search the web.
Had a great experience with Alligator Pools. They were very prompt and executed my project flawlessly and with great attention. They also follow up and answer any questions you have. Highly recommend and will use again!
Besides the excellent job they did with resurfacing my pool, I was surprised that they went the extra mile with chemically rebalancing it. Aldo was there almost every day for a week to make sure the pool was A OK. I would recommend Alligator Pool with no hesitation.

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South Miami's Top Pool Remodeling Choice

Step into the vibrant heart of South Miami, FL, where “Alligator Pool Remodeling Service” stands out as the leading choice for homeowners seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces. Our reputation in South Miami as the top provider of bespoke pool renovations is built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of our clients’ unique needs. With “Alligator Pool Remodeling Service,” your pool transformation is more than just a project; it’s a journey to creating the ultimate backyard oasis. Trust us to bring unparalleled quality and personalized service to your South Miami home, making your pool remodeling vision come to life with distinction.

Leading Pool Remodeling Services in South Miami

Our pool remodeling services in South Miami span a comprehensive range, from updating designs with the latest trends and incorporating advanced features to enhancing safety and maximizing energy efficiency. Whether you’re revamping your personal retreat or transforming a commercial pool into an extraordinary aquatic environment, “Alligator Pool Remodeling Service” is your go-to expert. The success of your pool remodeling project in South Miami hinges on the expertise of the team you choose. Alligator Pools sets itself apart in the South Miami pool remodeling market with an unwavering commitment to excellence, superior quality, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


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Why Choose Alligator Pools

Step into the future of pool luxury in South Miami, and craft your dream pool with unmatched expertise and passion. Experience the difference our skilled team makes with their profound expertise, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Let “Alligator Pool Remodeling Service” reinvent your pool into an awe-inspiring haven, encouraging you and your family to dive into an upgraded world of luxury and relaxation. Enter the realm of “Alligator Pool Remodeling Service,” where we make your pool aspirations come to life, set against the stunning backdrop of South Miami’s unique scenery.

Choosing to remodel your pool with “Alligator Pool Remodeling Service” in South Miami brings a multitude of advantages, significantly boosting both the look and performance of your pool. Our promise is to offer unparalleled services in South Miami, ensuring your pool becomes a testament to our excellence and your satisfaction.

An Efficient Pool Remodeling Approach

Recognizing the importance of clear communication for a successful pool remodeling project, Alligator Pools adopts a streamlined strategy starting with our initial in-person consultation. Fancy a cafecito? By meticulously assessing your space and understanding your requirements, we eliminate typical issues like incorrect pricing and misunderstandings. Our comprehensive proposals detail each phase of the project, providing transparency and ensuring your vision is fully aligned with our plan before any work commences. This careful preparation is a key part of our commitment to making your pool remodeling experience as satisfying as the end result.

Compliant Remodeling

Achieving peace of mind is crucial, particularly in pool remodeling projects. Alligator Pools prides itself on being fully licensed and insured, maintaining the highest levels of professional integrity. Our coverage includes a $2 million general liability policy, ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients during the remodeling process. Our dedication to following stringent protocols isn’t just about adhering to laws and regulations; it’s about upholding superior quality and safety in every aspect of our work. Rely on us not only to construct a pool but to also establish a dependable and lasting partnership.

Benefits of a Custom Pool Remodel for South Miami Swimming Pools

Improved Pool Appearance in South Miami, Florida​

Pool remodeling can transform the look of your pool, updating it to match your current style preferences and modern design trends. This can increase the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Enhanced Property Value

A well-maintained and visually appealing pool in “South Miami” can significantly boost your property’s value, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home.

Increased Pool Safety​

Remodeling can address safety concerns, such as repairing damaged or slippery surfaces, and adding safety features like handrails or anti-slip materials to prevent accidents.

Energy Efficiency with our Remodeling Pool Service

Modern pool remodeling often includes energy-efficient upgrades, such as LED lighting, energy-efficient pumps, and heating systems. These upgrades can reduce your energy bills and environmental impact.


Better Functionality for your Pool​

Remodeling allows you to improve the functionality of your pool. You can add features like a spa, waterfall, or swim-out bench, enhancing your overall pool experience.

Enhanced Comfort with our Remodeling Services​

Upgrading pool features and surfaces can make your pool more comfortable. This includes replacing worn-out or uncomfortable pool finishes, making the pool area more enjoyable for swimmers. You won’t be disappointed with our services.

Water Conservation Services for Pools​

Many pool remodeling projects incorporate water-saving technologies and practices, which can help conserve water, an essential consideration in Florida’s climate.

Easier Pool Maintenance​

Updated pool systems and materials can make pool maintenance more manageable and cost-effective, saving you time and money in the long run.

Compliance with Pool Regulations​

A pool remodel can ensure that your pool complies with current safety and environmental regulations, helping you avoid potential legal issues. Our pool company has years of experience and we guarantee everything will go along with the regulations.

Personalized Pool Remodeling

Pool remodeling allows you to customize your pool to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can create a unique and personalized oasis tailored to your lifestyle.

Remodeling Extends Pool Longevity​

Properly executed pool remodeling can extend the lifespan of your pool’s structure and equipment, delaying the need for major renovations or replacements. Call us today so we can get started on this project and finish in no time so you and your family can enjoy your newly remodeled pool.

Why We're South Miami's Best Choice for Pool Remodeling

Homeowners in South Miami, Florida, regularly turn to our pool remodeling services for their unparalleled skill in transforming ordinary pools into personalized aquatic escapes. We deeply understand the distinct tastes and lifestyles of South Miami’s community, committing ourselves to achieve outstanding outcomes. Our promise of exceptional quality means your pool remodeling visions are brought to life, positioning us as the leading option for enhancing your pool experience in South Miami. Our goal is to deliver the utmost in pool service excellence.

In South Miami, Alligator Pool Remodeling is celebrated for providing a comprehensive suite of advantages, from visual enhancements and functional improvements to safety features and energy efficiency boosts. Opting for our services equates to an investment in the prolonged delight, value, and resilience of your pool and outdoor environment. Reach out for a bespoke quote on your backyard project, and let’s begin the transformation. We are proud to stand as South Miami’s foremost pool service provider.

Alligator Pool Remodeling is the trusted choice in South Miami, turning your pool projects into exceptional realities. Offering an extensive array of services, from minor updates to thorough overhauls, we invite you to share your dream with us. Our experienced team is ready to bring your perfect pool to life, driven by a commitment to excellence and a history of remarkable results. As South Miami’s premier pool remodeling service, we guarantee to transform your outdoor space into an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Experience the Alligator difference — a call is all it takes to tap into our vast pool remodeling expertise in South Miami.