Alligator Pools Launches Pool Service Acquisition Strategy



MIAMI, FLORIDA – Alligator Pool Services (“Alligator Pools”), a Miami-based pool company, is expanding its award-winning pool service in Miami to the entire metropolitan area. Alligator Pools is growing its footprint both organically, as well as through the acquisition of existing pool service companies in Miami.

In operation since 1985, Alligator Pools boasts over 3,000 satisfied clients and offers an extensive menu of pool services in Miami. The company specializes in weekly pool cleaning, pool repairs, swimming pool resurfacing, pool renovations, and pool inspections for homeowners.

Residential Pool Service

Focusing on residential pool service, Alligator Pools has built a best-in-class team of dedicated pool technicians. According to Alligator Pools, hiring a professional pool technician for weekly pool service is the most important factor in ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of one’s pool. In addition, Alligator Pools emphasizes the importance of performing weekly pool cleaning and maintaining proper pool chemistry, given the tropical weather patterns in South Florida.

Pool Remodeling, Resurfacing, & Renovation

In addition to its core focus on recurring pool service in Miami, Alligator Pools has earned numerous industry accolades for its pool resurfacing and pool renovation work. The company highlights that the most important part of a pool resurfacing project is making sure the contractor is licensed; unlicensed work is illegal and dangerous.

Furthermore, over its +35 years, Alligator Pools has developed a deep expertise in all types of pool repairs. Whether a pool motor won’t start, or a pump is leaking, Alligator Pools offers reliable pool repair solutions. With a culture rooted in honesty and integrity, Alligator Pools’ customer reviews have led it to become one of the most reputable pool repair companies in Miami.

Finally, the increase in market demand for new pool equipment has led Alligator Pools to develop a team of in-house installation experts, including licensed electricians. Alligator Pools handles the sale and installation of salt chlorine generators, LED pool lighting, and pool heaters.

About Alligator Pools

Since 1985, Alligator Pools has been a mainstay of South Florida pool service companies. The company services the South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Coral Gables, Miami, Doral, Homestead, and Coconut Grove neighborhoods, and adds new pool service routes daily. Alligator Pools also is expanding its footprint through the acquisition of other pool servicing companies in Miami. The company is licensed (CPC#: 1457000), bonded and insured in Florida. 

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