Nothing quite beats enjoying a beautiful day outside in your yard, but for those with a pool, you should always be aware of some swimming pool safety guidelines to ensure that your exciting day is safe and harm-free. Pools are incredibly fun and relaxing, but they also can present many hazards that go further than human error. Here are some pool safety tips for you to follow, including both precautionary and maintenance-based protocols you can implement to make your time spent in the water as enjoyable as it can be.

Pool Safety Tips

Especially for families with young children, keeping these pool safety tips in check can prevent many accidents from happening, to allow everyone to join in on the fun. Some general swimming pool safety guidelines for you to implement for yourselves, your children, and your guests, include:

  • Walk, never run around the pool
  • Never play near drains or covers
  • Don’t rely on floats or toys as swimming pool safety items
  • Know CPR, or keep devices nearby to call for help
  • Make sure there is supervision by an adult or a good swimmer if children are in the water
  • Don’t let children swim alone
  • Be mindful of jumping, splashing, throwing, and other horseplay, especially near the pool edges
  • Look for any hazards in or around the pool, such as sharp stones or tiles, glass, or nearby food

When is a Pool Unsafe to Swim?

Guidelines aside, there will be instances for any pool owner where the water is unsafe to swim. Since some of these can be hard to identify, it’s even more important to take the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Instances where a pool would be unsafe to swim include:

  • Inclement or Stormy Weather – If any storm or nasty weather is on the horizon, don’t wait to leave the pool. Storms can come through incredibly fast, and often without notice. Check the weather ahead of time, and know if lightning is on the horizon.
  • Cloudy or Dirty Water – When there is any lack of visibility in the water, where it may be clouded or appear dirty, it’s advised to not go in at all until the problem is diagnosed. While this may just be improper treatment, it may also be a sign that the water circulation system is awry. Be aware of what a working pool water system looks like, and avoid uncertain waters.
  • Presence of Algae – Poorly sanitized or treated pools can bring about the formation of algae. Blue-green algae, specifically, produces toxic cyanobacteria, which can be harmful to human contact. If you notice a slimy film that may have an odor on the surface of your pool, contact a service company to have it properly sanitized.
  • Improper or Blockage of Exits/Entrances – If a pool appears to be without an easy way for someone to get out, be it a ladder or staircase, avoid using it. This can be the difference of somebody’s life, and is an incredibly easy thing to look out for before entering the water.

How to Make Your Pool Safe

There are plenty of ways to go about making your pool safe, and many of these include building from these guidelines and implementing them on a regular basis. Here are some specific ways to really make sure your pool is as safe as can be:

  • Swimming Pool Safety Items – When children or poor swimmers are present, make sure you have some safety items nearby, such as a raft, a lifebuoy, first aid kit, or a pole for someone to grab in times of emergency.
  • Pool Fence – Fences are an easy way to limit the space around your pool, and keep everyone’s safety within a much smaller area.
  • Make a List – Consider writing out your safety guidelines and placing them near the pool for everyone to see and be aware of.
  • Pool Maintenance – Ensuring you’re following proper pool maintenance guidelines can prevent many unwanted circumstances and issues from arising. Consider a pool maintenance company to clean, sanitize, and keep your pool in order.

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