The Guide to Winter Pool Maintenance in Florida

Winter Pool Maintenance

For Florida residents, winter pool maintenance isn’t just closing up for the season and calling it a day. Since the majority of residents keep their pools open year round, it’s important to know what to do and how to go about preparing for the winter months, because the occasional cold day can always slip into the forecast. To ensure that you’re as prepared as you should be, here are some helpful winter pool maintenance tips to consider.

Pool Care in Winter

When the weather cools off, chances are your pool may not be enjoyable to swim, especially without a heater. For these times where the pool may go unused for extended periods of time, consider these maintenance tips for proper pool care in winter:

  • Clean the pool – Even when you don’t plan on using the pool for a while, it’s important to keep your filter clean and vacuum as usual. Empty those traps to remove leaves and other debris, and make sure to skim regularly.
  • Monitor Water Levels – During the winter, cooler weather and less rain will cause for more evaporation, and it’s important to monitor your water levels just as you would during the summer. If you notice any loss, which can sometimes be an inch or more, simply add water as needed.
  • Use a Pool Cover – Covering the pool during extended periods of no use can alleviate much of the swimming pool maintenance tasks in winter that usually arise for homeowners. Make sure that any cover is free of holes that could allow for debris to enter, and consider a solar panel to keep temperatures warm in the cooler weather. When opting for a pool cover, also ensure that any and all accessories are removed ahead of time, such as thermometers, floats and other pool toys.
  • Balance Chlorine and Chemical Levels – When you’re not using the pool, your chlorine sanitation system doesn’t need to be on full blast. Feel free to reduce your pool’s chlorine levels slightly, to accommodate for colder water temperatures keeping algae and bacteria at bay. Any other chemicals you usually add during the warmer months should be maintained during the winter as well, to ensure a clean and toxin-free pool.
  • Keep Pump Running – While you certainly can reduce the amount of time your pump is running in the winter, it’s still important to leave it on for at least four to six hours a day to prevent algae formation. 

Upgrades to Consider For The Winter

A variety of upgrades exist that can help make your winter pool maintenance easier and more cost-effective. Some of these upgrade recommendations include:

    • Purchasing a HeaterPool heaters can be installed relatively quickly and provide much needed warmth during the winter months. What’s important to note is that before any heater is installed, you should have it examined by a professional to make sure it integrates seamlessly with your pool setup. If you’re considering a pool heater, some energy generation types include a propane heater, an electric heater, a gas heater or a solar heater. Do some research to determine which is best for your setup.
    • Install a Salt ChlorinatorSalt water pool winter maintenance is significantly easier than the standard chlorine type, and these chlorinators can increase your system’s lifespan while providing highly desirable benefits. They allow for easy adjustment of chlorine levels, and provide healthier water with less presence of algae or bacteria.
    • Consider a Winter Pool Service Company – While these winter pool maintenance tips are fairly straight forward for any pool owner, sometimes they’re difficult to incorporate into our routine. To save you time and effort, consider using a professional pool service company to winterize your pool so you don’t have to worry.

Pool Service in Miami

Alligator Pool Services is a leading provider of pool service in Miami and South Florida, with over 25 years of professional experience in the pool service industry. Whether it’s equipment installation for salt chlorinators, heaters, and lighting, or assistance with any pool repairs or maintenance, our comprehensive range of services are sure to keep your pool in check throughout the year. 

We also offer a variety of weekly pool service packages, so you can be comfortable knowing your pool is ready to take on the winter. For any questions or comments regarding our service options, or to receive a free estimate, contact us today.

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