Pool Inspections and Home Purchases

Sure, buying a home is nice, but buying a home with a pool is better! However, a common question that arises for new home buyers is, “do I need a pool inspection when buying a home?” Pools do wonders for a property, including raising the overall value, increasing visual appeal, and providing endless entertainment year round. Despite these pros, the cons of pool ownership are that costs have a tendency to accumulate quickly when certain issues arise. These problems are often unexpected and only grow more costly if not addressed. 

To save yourself time, effort, and money, here are all the reasons why any prospective buyer of a home with a pool should strongly consider a pool inspection early on in the buying process. Note, most municipalities require a licensed home inspector conduct a pool inspection in order for the findings to hold any legal weight. Check with your local Miami-Dade municipality to ensure you’re obtaining an official inspection and NOT just an opinion!

Why you want a Pool Inspection

Obtaining a pool inspection when buying a home can certainly save you money in the long run, but it also sets you up for a number of other potential complications with your home purchase. Between regulations, equipment upkeep, and even surrounding features such as decks or patios, owning a pool doesn’t come without its headaches. An inspection fills you in with all the juicy details you’ll need ahead of time, so you may factor in the potential costs of these improvements into your purchase price. Here are some specific reasons why you should get a pool inspection before buying a home:

  • Staying Up To Code – Even private swimming pools come with a plethora of regulatory codes to abide by. Some municipalities may require fences around a pool, which then come with their own rules in terms of height, material, etc. Getting a pool inspection from a licensed inspector ensures that you’ll be aware of these issues which you can then factor into your purchase contract.
  • Checking and Maintaining Equipment is Hard – Unless you have extensive knowledge of pools, general maintenance can be a challenging task on nearly all aspects of your pool equipment. Heaters, pumps, filters, salt systems, and lights are all items to review and test prior to your purchase. You can reach out to your local pool company to review these items for you. Getting a third-party opinion here can ensure that none of the equipment is already damaged or in need of immediate replacement.
  • Preparing For Repairs – Equipment aside, the physical pool itself is often prone to a variety of complications, such as leaks, cracks, excessive staining and foundation issues. In our opinion, it is worth obtaining a licensed home inspector to review these potential issues BEFORE buying a home.

The Pool Inspection Process

  • Having a Checklist – Before your pool inspection process begins, it’s a good idea to have some sort of checklist beforehand, which you can relay to the inspector to highlight areas of concern. Finding a general residential swimming pool inspection checklist will cover the major areas that should be reviewed, from equipment to foundation elements. Ultimately your home inspector will have the latest and most up to date list of items to inspect.
  • Pool Inspection Cost – Before finding someone to inspect your pool, it doesn’t hurt to check with your local office of inspections or municipality office to ensure you are seeking out a qualified opinion. Most pool inspection costs range from $125 – $250 but the range varies greatly.

Alligator Pools

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